Sunday's Sermon  
  Excerpt from “Will I Go To Heaven? The Black Gay Spiritual Dilemma” by Tuan N' Gai  

I heard your sermon Sunday
Oh, was it a powerful outpouring of phrase
While everyone else was encouraged in their walk with God,
I was left with nothing.
How dare you disrespect me!
A man of power.
I've overcome adversity and pressure insurmountable and
Daily I stare hatred, fear, and ignorance in the face.
But you called me faggot from behind your sacred desk
That ain't my name, that ain't my title.

You were using God's Word to intimidate me?
A man of strength?
You don't understand how strong I am. I'm strong enough
To still love you when you spiritually abandon me and leave
me to stand alone
Your opinions don't hurt me. Your words hurt, but they
can't defeat me. And I'm not backing down from confronting
your self-righteousness.

How dare you try and shame me!
A man of dignity.
I can't be reduced to nothing but my sexuality
Hell, you're the one who turned me out.
Forced me to get you off in private
Yet, you turn your nose up at me, and judge me when out
in public.

How dare you discredit me!
A man used of God.
My time and talent built your choir.
My administrative skill keeps your programs going.
My intellect and knowledge is teaching your youth.
My fasting, my prayers, my worship, my praise keep
The fire of God in the congregation.

Yeah, I heard your sermon Sunday.
It was such a profound outpouring of phrase
But how dare you abuse and disrespect me with my
Father's Word.
How dare you make me Sunday's Sermon!




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