If This Isn't Ignorance Personified, What Is?  
  By: Tuan N' Gai of Tuan N'Gai Enterprises  

Since the launch of Operation: REBIRTH, we have been getting quite a bit of community feedback. Most of it has been encouraging. There have been a few comments that are downright hateful, and some are just SO ignorant it can be irritating. But I'm gonna try to not let my irritation show…aight?

We've also been made aware of other things that have been said in the media that just reek of sanctified ignorance. It just proves what Big Mama used to say, "people don't know you a fool until you prove it by opening your mouth."

First let's begin with a young lady who gave us her opinion of this site. I'm purposely not editing what she wrote. I just copied and pasted. She said, and I quote…

"I think this is sicking! You have not showed one shed of proof biblical that this type of behavior is acceptable to God. All you are doing SATAN is taking the hurt and situations that these people have went through in life or in the church and using it as a excuse to live a life style that IS an abomination to God. We all have been hurt and disappointed in the church, but that has nothing to do with God. It is a set up by SATAN. Read the word of God for yourself it's there in black and white and RED! Don't let the devil steal your internal life."

We responded to this email with a letter thanking her for visiting our site, and how unfortunate we think it is that people STILL take a literal interpretation of the Bible after so much of it's text has been proven discriminatory. We sited that literal interpretation has led to the justification of slavery, raping of and discrimination against women, execution of children, discrimination against handicapped people, and the religious persecution of Jews. We even invited her to talk with us so we can come to some kind of resolution. To which, she responded, and I quote…

"Please don't respond because I can truly see that you have the book knowledge but NO Spiritual knowledge. Your right about one thing people are taking the scripture literal, because they don't have a personal relationship with CHRIST JESUS the one and only true Lord and Savior. I will not spread your information to anyone but what I will do is pray that you and your followers seek Christ to mend the hurts from your past lives and any old sexual and relationship hurts you may have had in your early years. Remember the bible is not literal it's Spiritual because God is a Spirit."

Now, haven't we been talking about the dangers of literalism all this time? Haven't we established on this site that the Bible was not meant to be taken literally? So how is she trying to read us about literal interpretation and we've been saying that all along? Not only is READING fundamental, but COMPREHENSION is of the essence! Furthermore, nobody EVER brought up sexual and relationship hurts. SHE DID! Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. It sounds like she may have some unresolved issues in these areas since she brought them up. Projection at it's finest.

Next, we travel to Savannah, Georgia where the Reverend John Timmons of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church says, "Gay marriage has nothing to do with civil rights. Marriage has already been defined by God as being between one woman and one man. How can you take that and try to make it a civil rights issue? How can you discriminate against something that God said no to? God made the laws and we obey his laws. That has nothing to do with discrimination."

To that I will say, if everyone in this country is required by law to pay taxes, everyone should have the same rights. To deny tax paying citizens the same rights as other tax paying citizens IS discrimination. "You people can't get married even though you pay taxes like everyone else" is discrimination JUST LIKE saying "You people can't vote or drink from our water fountains even though you pay taxes." Since certain relationships cannot be given equal protection and rights under the law, Pastor Timmons, how about the people in those relationships not having to pay taxes? Problem solved! Treat everyone equal across the board. Isn't that what this country proclaims to do?

This one takes the cake. The Reverend Gregory Daniels from the United Voters for Truth and Change of Chicago said "if the KKK opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them."

OKAY…HOW REDICULOUS IS THIS? A BLACK MAN SAYING PUBLICALLY THAT HE WOULD RIDE WITH THE KKK!!!! This really got me. A Black Pastor would ride with an organization that is notorious for burning black churches and killing Black people! That's insanity! Go right ahead and ride with them Reverend Daniels, see what your fate will be. Maybe they will lynch you, or strap you up on a cross and burn it (after all, you ARE just another nigger to them). Maybe they will string you up and lynch you like they are notorious for doing (remember, you ARE just another nigger to them). NO WAIT! Maybe they will tie you to a pickup truck and drag you to your death (they do THAT NOWADAYS). And you'd ride with them? Remember Reverend Daniels, after "gay-hunting" season is over, it will be "nigger hunting" season again. YOU ARE STILL A NIGGER TO THEM. YOU WILL BE NEXT! Wait, let me take a breath.

(Inhale…Exhale…Get the blood pressure down! Think like Jesus! Go to the peaceful place! Think like Jesus!)

After much thought and analysis of this statement, it is evident that Reverend Daniels has revealed something VERY significant about himself. The only thing a black person has a need to ride with the KKK about is SUPREMACY! This man needs to feel, or be considered as SUPREME as it relates to other people. Supremacy is a cover up for low self-esteem and lack of self worth. Maybe this pastor doesn't feel important, so he needed to make a sensational comment like this to get people to look at him. Furthermore, when a black man will willingly join forces with a terrorist group who kills black men, there's a bit of self hatred going on there. I'd like to officially call for all who will to pray for this sick man and the people who are in his congregation. This kind of sickness is most likely being spouted from his pulpit under the guise of "the Gospel". May God help him and those who are under his leadership. I mean, are people so DESPERATE to have a leader that they would follow a man who says stuff like this on CNN? For intelligent, informed, thinking people to follow a man who says stuff like this…what does it say of THEM? Let's pray for these people y'all….PRAY HARD!

The sad thing about this is, people who are spouting this crap are people who are old enough to remember what it's like to be discriminated against. They have forgotten that the same Bible they preach from was used to deny rights to them and those before them. They can carefully and critically study scriptures that suit their purposes and make them feel important, yet they are afraid to carefully and critically study anything that is from a different perspective. They are AFRAID OF KNOWLEDGE SO THEY IGNORE IT. Why can't thy study the scriptures as critically when it comes to trying to edifying others who aren't like them?

The root word of "ignorance" is IGNORE. To so arrogant as to ignore the struggle of others so you can feel supreme is a travesty. To not even care enough to educate yourself, and ignore the voices of those who are experiencing injustice says something about you! It says you haven't really grasped the truth of Jesus' "Love your neighbor as you love yourself" message.




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