From Child Of God To Son Of God  
  by Rev. Sharon Wright  

God ordains wilderness experiences for his glory. We fret, we worry, and sometimes we want to take our own lives when we come before mountains that cause us to move from our comfort zone. If God allows us to stay in our comfort zone how are we to trust him, depend on him, or allow his word to be planted in our lives in order for it to take root? Our heavenly Father knows the outcome of our every trial. We should fret not? Why not? Because God is in control. If you think back on thimgs that has happen in your life you will see that God forwarned you of what was about to come. He let you know that a mountain is about to arise in your path. There was a sign given to you by God, you just overlooked it. God does not let anything take us by surprise. He forewarns us so that we may begin to fast, pray, and seek him more.

When the adversary chooses to try the *called* of God, the Holy Spirit arises ever so strong within us to alert us that a storm is on the horizon. In instances such as this the Holy Spirit serves as an "Meteorologist" in alerting us that a storm is brewing. God gives his permission for the trials because he knows the end as well as the beginning; he knows the outcome of our trials and tribulations. We should thank God for the adversary because God uses our trials and tribulations to advance our Spiritual growth and Spiritual maturity in him. This is why the adversary pulls out his best when it comes to the *called* of God. He knows that if he succeeds in deterring us from the will of God we are not accomplishing what we were put here to accomplish. He desperately tries to keep us from our purpose. Simply put, the adversary is trying his best to stop us from receiving the promises of God. It is up to us to beleive that greater he that is in us, than he that is in the world; and we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

But if we do all things through him, we must do all things for him. The adversary is well aware that when we receive the promises of God we are going to spread the word that God keeps his promises, we grow spiritually, and we are going to add members to the body of Christ. Our trials are the beginning of our tribulations. This is the process of spiritual growth, and spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus. This process equips us with the means for Separation, Meditation, Revelation, Organization, Amputation, Transformation, and lastly Restoration. We are equipped with these 7 vital means in order to be transformed from the children of God, to the Sons of God. This is the only way the Restoration of the faith we had when we became children of God is returned to us, we are restored back to our original state of trusting God even more.

In our walk with God we allow the adversary to turn our mountain moving faith we had from the beginning to dwindle to mustard seed faith. God has given all of us a measure of faith and by trusting in him, our faith should increase and not decrease. We must trust God, if we trust him we have hope, if we have hope we have faith, to have faith in him we must love him, and to love him is to know him, intimately. He is one love, true love, and he is real love. The Great I Am

I=innovator+creator=One Love/ GOD
A=arbitrator+mediator=True Love/ JESUS CHRIST
M=motivator+teacher=Real Love/ HOLY SPIRIT
Note: Even though the letter A is the first letter of the Alphabet you can't see the A without the I.


  Taken from the series “From Child of God to Son of God.“ Rev. Sharon Wright can be reached via email at  



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