Letter To The Community  

I always knew this initiative was much needed in our community, but I never imagined it to become as powerful as it has. I thank God for giving me this vision and the love for ALL of his people, especially the love for my own people. And lastly, I thank him for the courage and strength to stand against BOTH, a country and my own race, as a Black Gay Man.

For over 20 years, I've personally heard the black church degrade others and me. Thankfully, I love myself enough to not allow an outsider --an individual or an institution -- to define who I am. I have the ability to think for myself and make my own decisions. But unfortunately, many of my brothers and sisters have yet to discover that they too possess these abilities. And so the black church is capitalizing on my people's lack of self-awareness and their human need to be accepted.

My dedication lies not to the Bible or the Black church, but to the individuals that are continuing to be beaten down because of who they are. It's about morality, not theology. It's about the empires that are being built on the backs of black gays, lesbians and women and then calling them second-class citizens. You don't need a PhD to know that this is simply wrong. But if you're going to dehumanize someone, please stop taking their very human money to create private schools, apartment buildings and college funds for your children. Black churches have simply become the slave masters of the new millennium.

And so in an attempt to free those trapped in mental slavery, OPERATION: REBIRTH was created. Our silence only gives consent to continued mistreatment. And out of love, I will do everything within my abilities and through others to give a voice to those that have suffered abuse at the hands of the Black church.

I love you my people.

Quentin DeVaughan
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