OPERATION: REBIRTH Targets The Black Church  
  Come Home: OPERATION REBIRTH Sends Open Letter To Black Clergy  

In an effort to begin dialogue concerning the abuse of black gays and lesbians in the church, OPERATION: REBIRTH has sent an open letter to the Black Clergy in support of the now failed Federal Marriage Amendment.

"It's time for us to begin the healing process within the Black community and the failing of this amendment proved that the time has come," says Quentin Wilson. "I agree, the only way we will rise as a people is to stop warring over what makes us different and focus on what makes us the same," added Tuan N’ Gai.

The letter in its entirety can be found online at www.operationrebirth.com/fmaletter.html. The OPERATION: REBIRTH Web site also provides information and resources on how to end abuse in the Black church.

For more information on OPERATION: REBIRTH, visit www.operationrebirth.com or contact Tuan N'Gai at tngai@operationrebirth.com or Quentin Wilson at qwilson@operationrebirth.com.




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