OPERATION: REBIRTH Targets The Black Church  
  In an unprecedented move, OPERATION: REBIRTH (www.operationrebirth.com) aims to end the spiritual abuse against gays and lesbians perpetrated by mainstream black churches.  

This new initiative, led by Tuan N'Gai of Tuan N'Gai Enterprises and Quentin Wilson of FO' brothas, Inc., strategically targets black churches throughout the U.S. that promote discrimination against gays and lesbians. "We're trying to give black gay men and women who are still very much a part of the church a voice," says Tuan. "A voice that says to those who are in leadership, 'We don't agree with what you're doing. We are tired of your abuse and calling it love. And we want it to stop!'" he continued.

OPERATION: REBIRTH will begin its mission of re-educating the community on homosexuality and religion through an online grassroots' marketing campaign targeting the thousands of black gay men and women who financially support gay-bashing churches. The Web site features reviews of gay-bashing sermons given by pastors throughout the country to heighten public awareness. "These reviews let readers know the error that's being preached," says Tuan. "And I think the pastors preaching these sermons will see how what they say really affects people," he continued. The sermons are selected and posted to the Web site as they are discovered.

The OPERATION: REBIRTH Web site also have interviews with pastors of gay-accepting (affirming) churches and a complete listing of these ministries. "We want them to know that they don't have to be where they are," mentions Tuan. "There are churches out there that will affirm, empower, and include them in ministry," he added. Ministries not on the list are encouraged to contact OPERATION: REBIRTH to be listed.

Additional features of the Web site include an advice column, analyses of common misused bible scriptures and articles from some of today's Religious Leaders. "We want people to leave the Web site knowing that they are strong, beautiful and powerful enough to stand up, lift their voices and say, 'I don't have to take this, this is not God,'" says Tuan.

For more information on OPERATION: REBIRTH, visit www.operationrebirth.com or contact Tuan N'Gai at tngai@operationrebirth.com or Quentin Wilson at qwilson@operationrebirth.com.

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