Discovering Homosexual/Gay Christianity As A Major Blessing And Not A Sinful Curse  
  by Herndon L. Davis  

In his powerful emotionally moving book, “Will I Go To Heaven?: The Black Gay Spiritual Dilemma”, author Tuan N’Gai ponders the following: “is it possible that God made same gender loving people unique and extremely gifted? Is it possible that God gave same gender loving people His supernatural ability to create, excel, and an affinity for making things beautiful?

God has a purpose for same gender loving people other than destruction. I find that to be no mystery. Most of the same gender loving people I’ve met are more often than not, highly skilled and anointed musicians, innovative educators, brilliant lawyers and accountants, profound ministers, superior athletes, or the most compelling artists.”

As we discussed earlier, the only distinction between the homosexual Christian and the heterosexual Christian is their personhood as expressed through their sexual orientation. However, there is often still something uniquely different or enhanced about the spirituality of many Gay/Lesbian Christians.

The intensity, fervor, and passion of our spirituality along with our subsequent blessings, talents, skills, career and professional success is not at all an accident. God has definitely blessed us in many significant and dynamic ways while we still continue to remain very much Gay/Lesbian in our sexual orientation and behavior. Although many of us will never marry or ever reproduce, we are still blessed with talents and skills that only others can dream about.

Why is that? If we indeed are such a cursed class of people with no redeeming values, morals or substance, then why do we continue to succeed, overcome, and endure? Why does God continue to see fit to breathe intelligence and creativity in us down through the generations; a class of people who supposedly can’t or won’t ever inherit the kingdom? For this reason, it helps to take a look at the bible to see examples of other individuals who possessed similar characteristics to our own.

There are many who believe that at least some of the eunuchs of the bible were possibly gay men. The bible describes eunuchs as being “….well favoured…skillful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge and understanding science (Daniel 1:4)” Eunuchs were men who were incapable, not suitable or unfit for marriage by either birth, through castration, or made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven as Jesus explained in Matthew 19:10-12.

In fact throughout the bible eunuchs are described as trusted officials with great responsibility and political power. They were seen as treasurer keepers (Acts 8:27) and as advisers for the king by providing spiritual sensitivity and wisdom. In fact, Daniel and the Hebrew children were eunuchs in the court of Nebuchadnezzar. There appear to be eunuchs in King David’s court (I Chronicle 28:1) and eunuchs were also present in Hezekiah’s court (Isaiah 56:3-4).

Since they posed no sexual threat, eunuchs also oversaw harems, the protection for the wives of the king, and beauty treatments for women making them presentable before the king. It is very important to remember that not all biblical eunuchs can be classified or even assumed to be gay. However, much like the gay men of today, certain eunuchs were not fit, capable or suitable for marriage directly from birth just as Jesus explained; yet still they were brilliantly talented in many ways, just as many gays of today are.

Whether it was a physical birth defect which prevented reproduction, or in our case, a homosexual orientation which prevents us from emotionally and romantically committing; in either case we are both considered “unsuitable for marriage”, although many gays/lesbians experiment and become trapped in heterosexual marriages.

Further, Jesus stated that regardless of how one became a eunuch either by birth, castration, or self-dedication, let “he that is able to receive it, let him receive it.” Finally, Jesus did not forbid any romantic loving or sexual expression among or between the eunuchs anywhere in this passage (Matthew 19:10-12): or elsewhere in the bible.

Hence our homosexuality in many definable and quantifiable ways should actually be seen as a MAJOR BLESSING rather than a sinful curse and thus should be celebrated as such. Yep you read correctly!

Our homosexuality is a major blessing, but a blessing gift-wrapped tightly with razor sharp thorns and swords. Throughout our entire lives we’ve strategically attempted to unwrap this highly unique gift paper, getting nicked, bloodied, and bruised desperately trying to find the answers and the beauty that lies within.

It is through this life long process across our individual experiences as homosexuals, gay/lesbians, or same-gender-loving individuals that actually bring us running closer to the Lord and excelling in our walk in Christ.

Ironically, the very fact that we are a member of a shunned group in society makes us acutely aware of the ministry in which Jesus Christ founded and fully expects us to follow. It prepares us to do the following:

Humble our lives, which in turn bring us into a closer relationship with God as we accept and grow in the likeness of his son Jesus Christ. As a shunned class, we will either run to God or run away from him. Individuals like myself, who decided to run to God, tend to pray more, study more, praise more, and seek to understand God more than the average heterosexual.

In fact, we are brought to this point faster and more sincerely than the average individual, who does not have to endure the turmoil of homophobia and the fear of verbal, physical, career, or financial retribution from family, friends, co-workers, and the church.

This does NOT mean that God cannot use heterosexuals in his purpose or his plan. It only means that gays/lesbians have the potential of having a much more refined, enhanced, and closer spiritual relationship with God than the average person because of their oppressed and persecuted state in society, much like the Black community during slavery times and the segregation era that followed.

Sadly there are far too many homosexuals who have allowed the homophobia and non-acceptance of our society to make them run away from the Lord instead of making it run to him. As a result, there are many gays/lesbians who do not recognize God or accept his son Jesus.

This group definitely needs to be reached and uplifted so that they too can experience the joy of life within the will of God. I pray that this book and your own individual testimonies as Gay/Lesbian Christians will be triumphant in accomplishing this goal!

As a result of our closer, more enhanced, elevated relationship with God, we are often used by God through the anointing of numerous spiritual gifts (chapter 15) from preaching, teaching, singing, to the use of our special skills, talents and professions, and an untold number of creative methods which are used for sharing with others as we edify, magnify, and witness to God’s word and its movement in our individual lives.

In short, gays/lesbians are often simply viewed as being more talented than their heterosexual counterparts. Many of us pursue the arts, technology, architecture, fashion, writing, and are often seen as being the more creative, cutting-edge side of life. In fact God often uses us to breathe life, color and freshness into many situations around the world, past, present and future. Many of the world’s greatest scholars and accomplished individuals have indeed been gay/lesbian.

In fact many same-gender-loving people are actually multi-talented, however, it takes a seeking after God in order for us to truly grow into how and what God desires for our spiritual gifts, special talents, skills, and professions.

Further, God can also utilize homosexuals along with many other shunned classes of people probably more effectively because we have the potential of possessing much more humility, compassion, and unconditional love, which are the key attributes of Jesus Christ.

Gays/Lesbians can successfully be used to go out into the world and minister to others because we have been through a whole lot ourselves in terms of self-loathing, fear, shame, denial, depression, suicidal tendencies, drug and alcohol abuse, and the bearing of the disgust and revile of society.

As openly same-gender-loving Christians, we are less timid about reaching out to others and less concerned about what other people think of us, because we know what truly matters is what God thinks of us, not what man thinks.

Further, our ministry has the potential of being far more powerful as we are stronger because we have endured and have overcome by standing, walking and running on our faith (chapter 16), through our understanding, worship, praise, love and enhanced spiritual relationship with God the Father and God the Son.

Consequently, this is the reason why there are so many gay/lesbian pastors, bishops, ministers, deacons, trustees, missionaries, and everyday Christians; many of whom are still in the closet, but a growing number are now walking out of the closet of secrecy and shame and allowing Jesus to shine through them as Gay/Lesbian Christians.

  Herndon L. Davis is the author of "Black Gay and Christian: An Inspirational Guidebook to Daily Living"  



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