Is This Your Pastor? (Read The Current Review)  

Bishop Thomas Garrot Benjamin
Light of the World Christian Church
PO Box 781344
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sermon: God and Gays
Part 3 of Sermon Series “The High Cost of Low Living”
Text: Romans 1.22-28





Here we are, here we are again. Operation: REBIRTH is 10 months old, and still going strong. And it’s amazing to think that the pastors we’ve reviewed are preaching the same sermon! I mean, did they all go to the same school or something? They all are basically saying the same things, but each has their own distinct personality. This month, Bishop Thomas Benjamin of Indianapolis throws his hat into the ring. In fact, when I heard he was gonna come from Romans 1, I immediately said, “oh Lord, here we go again!” Thanks to Rev. Robert Ferguson for bringing this sermon to our attention and taking a stand against this destructive theology.

The Good Bishop repeatedly says that this is not intended to be a gay bashing sermon, that he is trying to bless someone and free them from bondage. However continually he verbally tries to incite a riot mentality. Riling the congregation up and fueling hate with his ignorant antics. He even goes so far as to preface the sermon by stating that God made sure to include all of us in the things that are considered unrighteous in this passage of scripture. He DOES say that even though there is a focus on homosexuality in this text, to insure that none of us becomes self-righteous, listed here are enough things so that all of us would be hit.

He says, "I don’t expect to get a lot of ‘amens’ and ‘preach pastor’ comments during this message and that is fine. I don’t expect everyone to be as passionate about this subject as I am. My passion is at this level because scripture is being fulfilled. There are a host of people who are trying to make the truth of God into a lie. It is time now for the church and preachers everywhere to go to war against the spirit of unrighteousness specifically the spirit of homosexuality that would have the audacity to call the nation to have same sex marriage and to normalize homosexuality."
Okay, he’s PASSIONATE about the “spirit of unrighteousness, specifically the spirit of homosexuality”. Hmm, I wonder why? One would venture to think the leader of a church of this magnitude would be PASSIONATE about some REAL issues. I mean, there are people sleeping on the street, starving children, poverty in the inner city. There were probably people in the congregation that day who really needed to hear a message of hope…and THIS is what he’s PASSIONATE about? Me thinks the Good Bishop is giving us a peek into some passionate personal things he’s dealing with; but I digress.

He goes on to say, "All of my young people if I had to sum it up right now. It ain’t of God. If you're a girl and she touches you the other direction. If you are a boy and he grabs your hand in some other way than a the other way. Today we are going to focus on homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexual behavior and down low brothers! Somebody say lets get ready to rumble!!!!!!” 


(Quick jab to the face) First of all, Paul wrote this letter to the Christian church in Rome.
The purpose of this letter was to encourage the new floundering church to not be like the other people in their area. Since inappropriate sexual practices were considered acts of worship and sacrifice to the Roman gods, Paul says that this letter is intended to rescue the Jews and then everyone else. Rescue them from what???? From the idolatry and sexual orgies that were going on in temples all around the region during this time. So Paul goes on a tirade about what will happen to those people who participate in such vile rituals and ceremonies. This passage should in no way be used as a sweeping damnation on modern day same gender loving people. For a more in depth study of this passage of scripture, check out “Taking A Closer Look” on this website.
He reads the version of Romans 1 as it is written in "the message" by Eugene Peterson…
“Since they didn’t bother to acknowledge God, God quit bothering with them and let them run loose and then all hell broke loose. They know perfectly well they're spitting in Gods face. And they don’t care. Worse, they hand out prizes to those who do the worst things best!!”
At this point in the sermon he goes on a looooong tirade about the sin of men and women shacking up. Poor women lied to by bad men and then left all alone. Then he says, “God loves sinners. Homosexuals, bisexuals and lesbians are sinners. If you don’t believe GODS word and the authority of it, then I have no influence.”

(Uppercut/Left Hook Combination) Nobody disbelieves the true “Word of God”. What’s being challenged here Bishop is this doctrine of hate that has been spewed in the Name of God. It never ceases to amaze me how a “bishop” can preach ignorance and hate that are only masks for his or her OWN fear, and have the audacity to call it the “Word of God”. May I suggest doing some study on the History of the Bible? Some serious education is most definitely in order here. Might I suggest STUDYING? An uninformed mind is a TERRIBLE thing.
He then says, “The most dastardly thing about homosexuality is silly silly homosexuals going around trying to convince people that what they're doing is normal. That’s the sin; the abomination. Instead of saying I have a serious problem and I am struggling with it and I know that it is wrong..............."

(Flying Roundhouse Kick to the Head) The dastardly thing about this is, the Bishop (like many others) has resorted to name-calling and insults. And since we’re “rumbling”, let me just say that Bishop Benjamin sounds quite silly himself. Not that I’m calling him silly, I’m just saying he SOUNDS silly. Old folks used to say, “if it sounds and looks like a duck….” ANYWAY, have we, or have we not heard the American Psychiatric Association say that homosexuality is NOT a sickness? Didn’t God make psychiatry? And are not the people who have studied and earned degrees in the psychiatry that God made more qualified to speak on what IS and IS NOT a problem than a “bishop” who hasn’t? In my humble opinion, it would be “silly” to listen to and believe someone who hasn’t studied.

This is where he gets stupid. He says "Homosexuality is a spirit of the underworld and you who collaborate with that spirit collaborate with the devil himself. But be careful on who you think is a homosexual and who is not. Everybody that is effeminate is not a homosexual, they just didn’t have the kind of parenting where a father said ‘son take that switch out yo' walk boy, son we don't walk like that, or bend like that either.’ The first time a father sees his son do his wrist like this he needs to take his hand and say Your wrist goes like this. Men don’t talk up here (high). It’s a choice, you can change, you can choose, you can choose.
Every effeminate person is not gay and every weight lifter is not straight. He might be the biggest girl in the city.” Uproarious laughter breaks out in the congregation.
Then Bishop Benjamin goes into this exaggerated feminine voice (the congregation gets the joke) and says, "Now Bishop you know that some people who have a genetic pre disposition.....(disgust outbreaks from the congregation, a man in the back says ‘WHAT!’ like Lil John)........................that’s what they call it. I do know this, no matter what you were born with you can be born again, God changes people who want to be changed"
(Mortal Kombat Mode) Now, we could go into an entire discourse about biology, genetics, and all that to prove the Good Bishop even more ignorant than we already have, but that would be an exercise in futility. See, people like Bishop Benjamin attribute things they don’t understand, or things they are too lazy or stubborn to research and study to “a spirit”. That way they APPEAR “deeper” than they are. (Choke Hold) When dealing with people who are into that, all one can do is pray that they don’t kill anyone. Remember the little boy in Milwaukee who was killed by his “pastor” lying on top of him while two other people held him down? They believed autism was “a spirit” that possessed this child.  (Preparing to Break the Neck) When people are THAT far gone, all you can do is pray that God would reveal THE TRUTH to them before it’s too late. I sincerely hope there wasn’t anyone in the congregation needing a real WORD from the Lord to keep them sane or from committing suicide. I shutter to think that someone could now be dead after hearing this sermon.

Unfortunately, we could go on and on and on quoting the unashamedly ignorant Bishop Benjamin. And I DO mean he goes on and on and on. And since “let’s get ready to rumble” was the Bishop’s battle cry…here’s move that will FINISH HIM!

“God, we love You. We thank You for being all You are to us. We ask that you PLEASE reveal your truth to us so that people will stop preaching hate and ignorance and calling it Your Word. We especially pray for Bishop Benjamin and all those who like him that insult your people in priestly authority. God, please be merciful to them. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. They are killing your people, and doing so “supposedly” in Your Name.

“God, You said that your people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and it’s because they have rejected the knowledge you have provided. We humbly ask that you heal us. Rebuild the people who have been, or are being destroyed because they trust in leaders who reject knowledge. Restore hope to those who have been spiritually abused and beaten down by those who refuse to accept and teach that Your love is unconditional and all inclusive. Save us from the hand of those who would use your people and prostitute their gifts to build “churchy” empires. Deliver us from those who erroneously use the Bible in an attempt to control our thinking. Set us free from those who use fear and intimidation in Your Name to keep your people bound in spiritual poverty and depression. You said that You would write Your Word in our hearts and not on tablets that a man could manipulate and control. Heal us. Empower us. Mend our hearts. And lastly, help us not to be bitter or vengeful against those who have done injustice to us. Help us to show them the unconditional love that they were unable to show us.



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