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  By: Tuan N' Gai of Tuan N'Gai Enterprises  

Subject: I Peter 2.9

What does God really say about you? How does God really feel about you? According to the first six words of I Peter 2.9, you are a "Chosen People". The King James Version of the Bible says, "but ye are a Chosen Generation".

This says that God is so excited about you and the things He made you to do, that He called you out with passionate enthusiasm. He is excited, and filled with intense zealousness about your destiny. He isn't ashamed of you, but He boasts and brags about electing you to be His child. To break it down, God is proud of you.
He is excited that you are His. God is happy He created you, and He is filled with joy when He sees you doing the things He's created you to do.

In spite of popular opinion, I Peter 2.9 applies to same gender loving people too! And, since God made you, and He knows you best...why not believe and say what He says about you. His definition of you is your REAL identity. So when the world tries to beat you down, and life makes you feel worthless, you can hold your head up high.
You can proudly stand up and be encouraged in knowing that God - the Sovereign Creator elected and selected you to represent Him on this earth. And He's quite proud of it! You have been separated and set apart from the rest of the world, and God brags about that fact.

You are called to worship God. You are to provide service to humanity by the authority of God, the King of Kings. Listen here, you are A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD! You are a Royal Ambassador of God's Kingdom. You are a King Appointed Leader. Your purpose is to serve God in worship, serve humanity by showing His goodness, and inspire others to continue to serve God in Spirit and in Truth.

You are AN HOLY NATION! Now think about it. A Royal Priesthood doesn't sound anything like faggot, sissy, or punk does it? NO! I DON'T THINK SO! Once you think of yourself like God thinks of you, you will begin to behave like God intended you to behave when He made you. The word "holy" means to be set apart, or separated
from the world and separated to a Holy God. We are a "race" of people blessed
of God. In spite of the different colors of skin, God has called all of us an Holy Nation.
Just think, of all the people on this planet, God chose you. Sure you may have experimented with drugs -but He chose you!

Yeah, you've dealt with alcoholism, but He still chose you!
You've been sexually promiscuous, but He chose you!
Some of you have hurt others, but He chose you!
You may not be the smartest, or the prettiest. but God Chose You!

You have been chosen and equipped with special talents, intelligence and skills in order to bless humanity. You have been given God’s ability to logically reason, create, and make all things beautiful. You have a place here on this earth! You have a purpose. And that purpose is NOT to be abused by people who don’t understand you or God’s will for your life. God Loves You (because you are His)! God Created You (to be a blessing to humanity)! And He’s SO excited about it, He’s called you ROYALTY! Why? Because if He’s the King, and you’re a child of The King, ROYALTY is who you are!

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