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  Apostle Lobias Murray
Full Gospel Holy Temple (FGHT)
39727 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, Texas 75237
Sermon: What Happens to A Man When God Gives Him Up





I received word about this sermon through an email from a young man who actually heard the sermon live. He also told me that it was aired on television and I should check it out. I understand the "old time religion" school of thought that Apostle Murray comes from. It's what he was brought up on, and for him it has worked. So, "old school" as us young folks call it really isn't all bad. It's the foundation on which we stand. Therefore we should not despise it. We should thank God for it and continue to move forward in our quest to know more of God and His love for all humanity. Apostle Murray proves with this sermon that with the knowledge that we now have of God, the "old school" dogma that he still believes ain't gon' fly in this day and age. He proves that "old time religion" may have worked back then, but it doesn't now. The foundation (which SHOULD BE JESUS) is the same, but the materials used today to build houses are a little different from back then.

Most of what is said in this sermon, I just shrugged my shoulders and discounted it as ignorance. But, ignorance is STILL ignorance no matter how sanctified or old you are. And the only excuse for ignorance is that information has been IGNORED. One of the first things Apostle Murray says in his opening is, "faith (laymen's terms: believing) comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" (keep that in mind). He takes his text, and a "reader" (for you non-COGIC people, a person who reads the text for the speaker) reads the text while he (the apostle) echoes every word. Apostle Murray goes on to talk about how God is a holy God who hates sin and will not put up with it. But God will deliver you if you really want to be delivered. He says that the people of God must be mindful of the fact that God is more than just a God of Love, but there is another side to Him. He (the apostle) says that God DOES love everyone and has gone through great trouble to deliver everyone from hell. But a filthy man cannot have relationship with a holy God.

He moves into Romans 1 (like we haven't heard THAT before) and proceeds with his literal translation of "The Word of God" to drive his point home. Apostle Murray makes the inference that men and women are gay and lesbian because they have rejected God and knowledge of Him. They would rather believe a lie than the truth and for that reason God has given them up. It's almost like saying that being an SGL person is a form of punishment. So, what does that say about the SGL people at his church? And TRUST ME, there are LOTS of 'em! As he talks about the whole "holiness" issue, I actually agreed with most of what he had to say. How when a person is saved, their lifestyle changes. They don't do things they used to do. They don't participate in things that aren't conducive to a healthy relationship with God. There ARE a few points that I categorically disagree with him about. Now, follow me here. It's gonna get kinda ugly.

The first thing he said is "faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God"…remember that? Well, that being the case I got an issue I need cleared up. Like I said, there are LOTS of gays and lesbians that are members of FGHT, and are faithful, TITHE-PAYING members. Now, if they are coming to FGHT, and are "hearing" the truth (which, according to the Bible, will make you free), but they are bound by a "homosexual spirit", what does that say about the ministry at FGHT? If faith (believing) comes by hearing and the truth is being preached and heard, then people should be being set free from their bondage right? But since the people attending are STILL GAY, and by the church's definition are "bound by a homosexual spirit" then that means either they AREN'T bound, or the TRUTH is indeed NOT BEING PREACHED at FGHT because again….they are STILL GAY!

Then he says…"You gotta go beyond the cross, you can't just stop there. Coming to the cross ain't enough." Okay….so the cross of Jesus Christ isn't enough for us to be saved? If THAT ain't enough, then what is? What are we even doing this for? Jesus' sacrifice was to provide a FREE GIFT called "salvation". Upon receipt of that gift, WE ARE SAVED! And according to the Bible, saved people are going to Heaven. The Bible says "if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, YOU SHALL BE SAVED!" The Bible ALSO says "For by Grace are ye saved through Faith and that not of yourselves. It is the gift of God. NOT OF WORKS, lest any man should boast." So, what Jesus did on the cross indeed was enough to save humanity and there's nothing else that needs to be done for salvation to occur. If it wasn't enough, then we're ALL going to hell because works ain't good enough.

Next, we'll deal with this holiness issue. According to Apostle Murray the Bible says to "come out from among them and be separated" (and the Bible does say that), because holy people don't have fellowship with unholy people. So why are there so many gays and lesbians or unholy people fellowshipping with FGHT AKA holy people? Either the gays and lesbians who believe are indeed holy like er'body else at FGHT or the entire membership isn't holy at all because they're all fellowshipping with each other. Furthermore, if gays and lesbians are bringing filth into the "house of God", why are they still allowed to come? If God has rejected them and is finished dealing with them, why is FGHT still allowing them to come to church? Aren't God's people supposed to be separated from the unholy people? Don't God's people DO what God DOES (reject people)? Don't God's people feel like He does? WAIT…MY BAD, MY BAD! I forgot why unholy people are still being allowed to fellowship with the holy people at FGHT. Their money is needed so the million-dollar building can remain beautiful and paid for. Their money is needed to pay the salaries and other expenses of those who are on staff. Their money is needed so the schools and programs of the church can continue to operate. Excuse me, I lost my head there for a minute. I apologize.

And lastly, the statement that totally wore me out was when Apostle Murray said…"When God gives people up, there's nothing a preacher or anyone can do. These people are GONE. There is NO WAY for them to get saved." I don't know about anyone else, but I thought apostles were ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I thought the gospel was the "good news" about God's love for all people expressed in the person of Jesus Christ. That statement doesn't sound like the gospel to me. And furthermore, what has Apostle Murray just told the gays and lesbians in his congregation? In essence, he's told them that their coming to church, worshipping God, and trying to get closer to Him is a futile waste of time. He's told them that they are stupid because even though there is no hope for them, they still come to his church and support his ministry with their time, talent, and money. They are fools for allowing themselves to be used like whores are used by pimps. He's told them that he (Apostle Murray) is unholy too. He's being disobedient. If holiness has no fellowship with unholy and should be separated, he's committing sin by fellowshipping with unholy people.

One of the things that Apostle Murray says repeatedly in this sermon is that "God's house is a house of prayer." And every time he quotes that verse, he never completes it. God said "my house shall be a house of prayer FOR ALL PEOPLE". This sermon is proof that even though God is interested in ALL PEOPLE, and even though "A Church for All People" is displayed prominently on the FGHT website….ALL PEOPLE are not welcome at Full Gospel Holy Temple except for the purpose of giving their money. Why else would people rejected by God be welcomed at a "holy" church?


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